It has been a very long intermission since heading back to the rink! We are here to help you prepare your way back to your arena.

  1. Your own water bottle
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Sharing water bottles is no longer an option anymore! Bring your own personal water bottle to the rink whether it is for practice, or a game. We have different options for you to choose from either in store or online. Make sure to put your name on your water bottle to avoid confusion. We recommend squirt and straw bottles because they are the easiest to get water through your cage. 

Click on some options: Howie’s Water bottles & Gatorade Squeeze

  1. A Comfortable Mask

By now you have probably figured out that you prefer some masks over others. Why not rep your team with a custom mask made by our team department. Rock it to and from the arena and also anywhere else. Get it online or in store! Shop masks online by clicking here.

  1. Skate Guards
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You never know when rinks may close dressing rooms again, and force players to suit up at home. Get yourself a good pair of skate guards that you can walk to and from the car, your house, and the rink in. Plus it is always good to protect your blade at all times anyways! We have a variety of skate guards to choose from! Click here for skate guards

  1. Rollerguards
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Rollerguards are skate guards with wheels on them that allow you to get around on places your skates can’t go. This would be helpful when trying to relocate to different spots in the arena, or going from your car to the rink. With these rollerguards you will definitely be able to make it on time for practice. Order your own rollerguards by clicking here.

  1. Any type of odor disinfectant
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Keep your gear clean and fresh by purchasing one of our many options of spray deodorizers. The spray makes keeping your equipment fresh much easier and saves you time! Shop equipment spray now.

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