The CCM Premier 2 Pro Authentic stick puts the specs of the Chicago Blackhawk's goalie Corey Crawford in the hands of goalies around the world. Featuring a sharp custom colour, as well as custom specs goalies can be sure that the stick they are using is as close to what the pro's are using as possible. - Composite Structure featuring Zeroflux tech - Sigmatex Shaft Construction with better shaft compaction - Improved Stiktak grip for better poke-check - Custom Corey Crawford stick specs
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CCM Premier II Pro Authentic Senior Composite Goal Stick Ever wonder if that stick that you bought off the shelf is anywhere close to what the pros are using? CCM's Premier 2 Pro Authentic senior goalie stick showcases exactly what the big man in a Blackhawks jersey, Corey Crawford uses as specs on his Premier 2 stick. The CCM Premier 2 Pro Authentic features the classic dark base that Crawford prefers, with a Red accent for pop. Right now this base colour is only available on this stick unless a custom order is arranged. As well as this custom colour, the Premier 2 Pro Authentic stick also comes in with a custom size and lie. The Crawford Pro Authentic features a lower lie and a longer shaft allowing for a blocker position further away from the body without changing the blade position between his legs. The stick also uses a different curve than the standard Crawford curve that is found on regular retail sticks. The Retail Crawford curve is a big open open lofty curve that starts closer to the heel of the stick, perfect for lifting the puck and truly getting under it. The Crawford Pro Authentic Premier 2 features slightly less total curve and loft, while also being more of a true mid curve. The Pro Authentic's curve is much more suited to hard breakout passes as well as consistency when making saves off the blade of the stick. The stick obviously still includes all the awesome features that make the Premier 2 senior goalie stick something you would want to look into as well. The Sigmatex construction with Zeroflux to create a lightweight, strong stick that does a good job of dampening vibrations from shots. The Stiktak grip has also been reworked to not go as far up the shaft, helping goalies poke-check easier. With the CCM Premier 2 Pro Authentic you are sure to be making saves like Corey Crawford in no time.
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