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CCM Tacks Vector Junior Hockey Pants - Source Exclusive (2022)

CCM Tacks Vector Junior Hockey Pants - Source Exclusive (2022)

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The CCM Tacks Vector Junior Hockey Pants are a Source Exclusive offering for 2022. Designed specifically for an affordable price point and performance, these pants feature tailored comfort and style to provide an edge on the ice. With the feedback of customers in mind, these pants are a perfect fit for any player, novice or veteran.

Get top-tier protection and performance at an entry-level price with the CCM Tacks Vector Junior Hockey Pants. Premium nylon rear panels and a sublimated tail pad liner help reduce impact to your lower back. Plus, the Super Tacks AS 580-inspired Source Exclusive shell offers superb protection and style. Perfect for recreational players looking to make a big impact.


  • Construction: Anatomical fit recreational level pants with an updated shell to match the AS 580 look.
  • Adjustment: Lace and external covered belt system.
  • Shell: High quality 210D Nylon with premium 210D Nylon rear panels.
  • Hip/Kidney: Molded PE caps with PE foam.
  • Back Protection: PE insert spine with sublimated liner (spine and Tailpad).
  • Thigh Guard: Molded PE plastic with PE foam.
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