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Worth Limited edition KReCHeR XL 12.75" Bat (2022)

Worth Limited edition KReCHeR XL 12.75" Bat (2022)

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The 2022 Limited Edition KReCHeR XL 12.75" Bat is designed to deliver maximum power. Its X434 carbon fiber barrel increases sweet spot size and provides superior pop right out of the wrapper. Get ready to hit with unprecedented power.

In addition, the Flex 75 handle is engineered to optimize whip and feel for faster swing speeds and more pop. It also features a .5 oz endload for added mass in the end of the barrel for extra power. This 2022 KReCHeR XL bat features an eye-catching limited edition design and has the new USSSA stamp so you know it will give you maximum performance to meet the new standard.

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