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Warrior Novium Pro Senior Hockey Stick (2022)

Warrior Novium Pro Senior Hockey Stick (2022)

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 Get ready for the ice this season with the Warrior Novium Pro Senior Hockey Stick (2022). This lightweight stick is designed for maximum power and control, with a stiff layup to reduce vibrations and a textured blade for improved control. Its low kick-point allows for quicker shots and passes, ensuring that you stay at the top of your game.


  • Bevel Taper: The unique Bevel Taper is designed to be stiffer through the taper which provides increased control and improved velocity on shots.
  • Minimus Carbon 25: Novium Pro shaft is lighter and tougher than ever. Using a 25K weave carbon fiber creates a lightweight hockey stick enhancing puck feel and control.
  • R.L.C. 199: Revolutionary Lightweight Construction 199 is Warrior's highest-grade construction and uses the most advanced material selection and processing technologies to produce Warrior's lightest weight stick. R.L.C. 199 combines the latest in modern carbon composites technology – using lower weight fibers and thermoplastic-toughened epoxy resin to provide velocity, feel, and control.
  • Fuelcore Ultra: New redesigned blade. FuelCore Ultra reduces breakdown of materials in the blade and increases the durability and feel. Warrior's lightweight polymer blade core enhances puck feel and pop. Now with Minimus Carbon 25 weave around the core, the blade is ultra-responsive. Texture on the blade increases grip on the puck.

    The Warrior Novium Pro Senior Hockey Stick (2022) provides superior performance with its stiff shaft and ultra-lightweight construction. It features a low-kick flex profile and Reactive Layer Technology to ensure maximum power transfer, maximizing the performance of advanced players with every shot.

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